Why pre-wedding photography is so expensive ?

Why pre-wedding photography is so expensive ?
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Pre-wedding photography, also known as engagement photography, is a popular way for couples to celebrate their love and commitment before their big day. While it may seem like an extra expense, there are several reasons why pre-wedding photography can be expensive but it can be an experience of a lifetime that will be remembered forever.

1. Professional photographers

Professional pre-wedding photographers charge a premium because they offer a high-end, specialized service that calls for much training and experience.

Preparing for the session, actually taking the photos, and editing the results all take a lot of time for photographers on each pre-wedding photo shoot. Additionally, they use expensive tools like cameras, lighting, and editing software, which raises their costs.

Additionally, there is frequently a significant demand for pre-wedding photographers’ services, which enables them to charge higher fees.

2. Effort and time

Pre-wedding photography takes time and effort during such a variety of steps.

1. Consultation

The photographer will meet with the couple a number of times before the session to discuss their preferences, style, and vision for their pre-wedding images.

2. Planning

To discover the ideal venue for the shoot, the photographer may take their time researching and inspecting potential places. To achieve the greatest effects, they could also prepare the lighting, angles, and postures.

3. Shooting

The photographer may put in several hours during the session, taking a range of pictures and experimenting with different setups and stances to find the right shot.

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4. Editing

To guarantee the photographs are of the best caliber, the photographer may spend many hours editing and retouching them after the shoot.

5. Delivery

The photographer may also take the time to deliver the photos to the couple in the preferred format, whether that be digital files, prints, or an album.

3. Travel

Travel costs can also play a significant role in the overall cost of pre-wedding photography. Photographers may charge extra fees for traveling to and from the shoot location, as well as for any expenses incurred during the trip such as transportation, accommodation, and meals.

There are some important points of travel expenses:-

1. Transportation

Photographers may charge for the cost of traveling to and from the shoot location, whether by car, train, or plane.

2. Accommodation

If the shoot location is far from the photographer’s home base, they may need to stay overnight. Photographers may pass on the cost of accommodation to the couple.

3. Meals

Photographers often need to take breaks for meals during the shoot, and they may need to purchase food and drinks. These expenses may also be included in the cost of pre-wedding photography.

Travel costs can vary widely depending on the distance and the mode of transportation required. However, some photographers may choose to absorb these costs as part of their service, while others may pass them on to the couple. When choosing a photographer, it’s important to discuss the cost of travel and any associated expenses in advance to ensure there are no surprises.

4. Unique locations

Using unique and exotic locations for pre-wedding photography can add to the overall cost of the shoot.

Some factors that may contribute to the cost of shooting in unique locations include:

1. Permits

Some unique locations may require a permit or fee to shoot, which the couple may need to pay. For example, shooting in a national park or on a protected beach may require a permit.

2. Accessibility

Some unique locations may be difficult to reach, which can increase the cost of transportation and other expenses associated with the shoot. For example, shooting on a remote island or in a remote mountainous area may require special transportation or equipment.

3. Special equipment

Some unique locations may require special equipment, such as hiking gear or boats, to reach and shoot. The couple may need to pay for the cost of this equipment.

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4. Safety

In some cases, unique locations may pose a risk to the couple or the photographer. For example, shooting in a remote wilderness area may require the services of a guide, which can add to the cost of the shoot.

Ultimately, shooting in unique locations can add to the overall cost of pre-wedding photography, but it can also result in truly stunning and memorable images that capture the couple’s love and commitmen

5. Wardrobe and makeup

Many pre-wedding shoots involve the couple dressing up in formal attire or renting special outfits. Hair and makeup artists may also be hired to help the couple look their best but  wardrobe and makeup are not essential for pre-wedding photography, they can add to the overall cost of the shoot.

However, they can also enhance the final images and create a more polished and memorable look for the couple. It’s important to discuss these costs with the photographer in advance to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the couple knows what to expect.

6. Albums and prints

In their packages, pre-wedding photographers frequently include albums or prints of the photos. The price of the shot is increased by these tangible goods.

The cost of albums and prints can vary widely depending on the quality, size, and design of the products. Some photographers may include albums and prints as part of their pre-wedding photography package, while others may offer them as additional products that the couple can purchase separately. When choosing a photographer, it’s important to discuss the options for albums and prints and what they will cost to ensure that the couple gets what they want and stays within their budget.


Pre-wedding photography can be costly overall since it requires the skills of experienced photographers, a lot of time and effort, and there is a chance that other expenses like travel and wardrobe will arise. However, many couples think the expense is worthwhile because it allows them to get stunning, classic photos that they will treasure for years to come.

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